What’s The First Light Jacket You Wear Come Fall?

What’s The First Light Jacket You Wear Come Fall? post thumbnail image

I don’t even have to put a cider donut in the hole in my face to know that the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (I think it’s like 15 degrees Celsius? Idk I’m not a scholar) means we have another matter on our hands. Now: the first day of fall was technically September 22nd, but it wasn’t really Fall until maybe a week ago. How can I say this with such authority? Because until then, I didn’t need to take out my light jacket: the jacket that fits over the comfortable meshes that protect her cold nipples and/or risky business buttons.

It just so happens that my light jacket is a fiery red rocking coat by Judi Rosen, a New York designer whose iconic place I visited last year on the recommendation of my colleagues. She calls it her “spiritualized denim jacket” because it was based on a German Rave coat from the 80s. I was wearing an obscene amount last fall, and slipping into this season, I found 75 cents in change and a ticket sale for Marriage Story, which sounds like a lie, but I promise it’s not.

In any matter, because the totem of the “light jacket” always gives a sense of seasonality, I wanted to ask some of the coolest and chicest people I know about the first jacket they grab when their noses get cold.

Browse through their answers below and see if you can’t find the next jacket to throw on that chair when you get back to your room This season.

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Tell me about the first light jacket that you take out of your wardrobe for autumn.

The light jacket I always wear first is this creamy quilted number from Kordal. On the one hand, I think this is the first jacket I see in my closet because it’s such a bright color and I tend to do it because the color makes me happy. I usually associate colder weather with darker colors, but this jacket is ideal for people who find it difficult to accept that summer is over, but still want to have their stylish autumn cut. It has snap closures and padded pockets, so I like the style options too.

How did you find it?

I discovered Kordal in a small store in Greenpoint. There was originally a short version of this Coffee-colored coat that immediately sold out in my size. I started following the brand on Instagram and following it until they knew who I was. That’s the good thing about small brands—they have access to designers and feel connected to the brand. When the new silhouettes and colors were released, designers Mandy and Jia contacted me because they knew I was passion and I immediately understood it.

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