Wear a Peril Pristine Ivory Suit Set Outfit

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This outfit was designed for autumn. For me, autumn has everything to do with diapers and comfort. I will not sacrifice my comfort. As a person who is constantly traveling in New York City, I have to feel comfortable at all times. The basis of any comfortable clothes is comfortable shoes, so I usually style the outfits from the bottom up, because I firmly believe that the type of shoes I wear is not only the basis of portability, but also the tone for the day I’m trying to have. Whether it’s a day of walking around the city or walking around the city, shoes really define the look. But, bouncing! Autumn is a great time to change things, so this time I styled this outfit from top to bottom.

For this look, this awesome ivory suit Jacket HM x Giuliva Heritage was the first thing I put on and became the cornerstone of the cut. It is a limited edition piece that can be found on HM.com . In my opinion, the cooperation was perfect! He brought the incredible Italian materials and cuts that we love at Giuliva to our American HM stores at an affordable price. From the moment I saw this collaboration at H&m live, I knew I needed this ivory statement set. The big question about the choice of this affordable and luxurious ivory jacket (two big wins in one piece) was ….should I make a color block theme or just monochrome?

After careful consideration, monochrome won this time. When I decided that ivory was definitely the vibe, I centered my entire outfit around this color palette and decided to wear an ivory turtleneck sweater with my costume.

For me, wearing a monochrome outfit is like the complete embodiment of a moment in time.

The look doesn’t last forever (too much commitment), but it’s the biggest statement you can do without saying or doing anything.

With the all-for-all look in full swing, I had to find the perfect shoes that would appear by themselves, without removing anything from this convincing suit. I thought the boots were great, especially if they had a heel. Preferably a thick heel, because, as I said, comfort is the key. I found the creamy Tory Burch leather boots that matched my ivory costume without stealing the show. These boots have golden curls, so I knew that gold jewelry was the next necessary step to achieve the transcendence of all the strength of ivory.

But oh, the trip to P. Diddy’s White Party, which corresponds to perfection, was not over yet. The selection of the very decisive bag was the last step. I didn’t want an ivory bag, because I didn’t want the bag to fit into the look, but at the same time I didn’t want her to be the loudest guest of the party. If you are wearing a monochrome outfit, your accessories should also have a special moment, and a shot in a different color will make a big difference. When it comes to handbags, the best advice I can give is to look for bags that have big personalities. Like so much personality that if this bag could talk, she would say “I’m a snack”….even better … I’m a whole snack. Just like this fur bag Marc Jacobs says for sure that it’s a whole snack and deserves to be a part of my outfit.

I wanted to be super chic and elegant and this outfit gave me that. From the oversized jacket to the matching trousers, this outfit knows its value. This outfit goes to places. The dream day of this outfit is a brunch on the California beach on a beautiful autumn morning, followed by a relaxing day alone in a café, where an inspiring book is read, something like Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”.

This is the outfit you wear when you’re called “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” on the set of Jlo’s Smash’s clip

I remember watching this video when I was a kid and trying to be half as confident as Jlo in my little room in Massachusetts. I remember very well that in this video she wore a beautiful ivory outfit in a beach house and wore the monochrome as confidently as she walked through the frames. At that moment, I knew that a moment full of ivory conveyed heavy Queen vibrations.

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