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Take a look at a person’s saved Instagram file what what a rush. What if at a glance you also had an idea of what you could wear in the near future? Like to the laundromat or a pumpkin patch or something? The real value there! In the following, Team MR shares the images that you have retrieved, saved, and deleted.

“The Reality of maternity leave”

The algorithm certainly knows that I’m about to give birth-all the other ads I get are for a nursing bra! I saved a board from cool moms, and one of the things connected with the baby. This board is a little mix of everything. When the summer comes to an end, I think about being comfortable at home with a new baby. There are noodles I want to eat from @meerasodha, the breastfeeding chair of my dreams from @claudehome, a photo of Alice Cooper and her family from Terry O’Neill, and of course “back to school” looks.

1.  Autumn always makes me think about re-entry, and this bag from Florist is the book bag of my dreams.

2. If the jeans plan fails (which is quite possible), Nnennna Mechem’s loose dress and sneakers combination will be my must-have fall look.

3. When I was pregnant, I missed wearing pants. The idea of tying something rigid around my waist has become completely foreign and new to me. As soon as the baby comes, I am glad to have this pleasant feeling again. These jeans are at the top of my wish list.

I have called my matter saved folder “art”, which is frustrating at times, but it has also expanded the scope of what I consider to be art, which I love! I recorded a couple of coloring videos there, a ton of vintage photographs (mostly of black people/families) from the 40s, 50s or 70s and a couple of jokers, like a post from a close friend versus a very good poem about black masculinity.

1. The pearl, the gem, the Josephine Baker! She is bigger than nature and this fast vibrato singing of the 1950s is so nostalgic and dreamy. I watch this video once a week and I have already planned to recreate this look for Halloween parties that do not take place.

2. It is a picture of Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte in the movie Carmen Jones. I never saw the movie, but the pictures of two beautiful people who served the perfect mix of class and eroticism stopped my scrolling. And it’s pretty self-explanatory how it relates to my autumn mood..

3. Let’s face it, this has been my mood since March, when the world stood still. For a while I had a feed to keep in touch with friends while we are forced to be apart, but lately I felt like this photo, connected to all the devices I own and in constant conversation. I think my autumn mood is a little to take over from dijonay’s enthusiasm for this new normal because I love my friends but but I have pain in my eyes.

Everything I save always looks great together, which is great for my eyeballs. At the moment, everything is definitely about warmer clothes and how to overlay. The funniest picture is the one that my mood will look at, while we were all forced to return inside for the cold months. I keep the style and photo boards separate. And I have different folders for different styles-I have a whole folder dedicated to smashing patterns and how, for example, to stylize completely different patterns in a single overall look. If you separate your files into complex systems, you may also be the kind of person who doesn’t like their main entrance and sides touching. And yes… This is me.

1. I’ve been in love with these Brother Vellies boots for ages and I feel like a window dresser who will never pull the plug. I plan to see them until hopefully one day they are for sale.

2. The day this video campaign was discontinued, it overflow my feed. Everyone I know has fallen in love. Leon Dore is the ultimate statement of autumn (even forever) and I’m perhaps convinced that Teddy Santis is the smartest guy in fashion. I love the fact that the brand is gender-neutral and uses real people as models. Her new campaign the World’s Borough is a good example for the rest of the fashion world.

3. Anna Sarlvit is one of the pretty Instagrammers in Copenhagen who populated my Instagram feed. I am passionate with the colors that surround you and your ability to turn your new apartment into a relaxing and colorful dream home. Will I move to Copenhagen because of this girl’s Instagram? Probably one day! This particular outfit I love—it’s an ensemble that also has matching boots (drool) (drool) (quickly wipe drool).

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