Stylish Boxers for Your Low Rise Jeans

Stylish Boxers for Your Low Rise Jeans post thumbnail image

Last year, as the fashion world dates back to the early 2000s, visible straps, also known as whale tails, appeared everywhere from Streetstyle to runways. While the once debatable trend has received several marks Of approval in the 2021 year – among them celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé — a new Look has appeared this year: stealth boxers.

The spring 2022 runways were filled with flat pants and miniskirts that hung so low that you could see through Boxer-like Shorts. Take, for example, the popular Miu Miu Spring 2022 miniskirts, accompanied by underwear waist bands with the brand’s Logo. The same was true of Collina Strada’s range, which included equally tiny skirts, worn over visible white Boxers and combined with baby T-shirts. Then there was Coach who showed boxers worn with wide-legged midi jeans.

From the small on display from the 1980s to the Bralettes worn as tops at the height of festival fashion in the 2010s, visible underwear has long been part of the fashion lexicon. In recent years, the trend has returned in full force with the return of red carpets and the opening of an era of transparent bare dresses that allow fancy underwear to steal the show. See: Zoe Kravitz ‘Met Gala dress 2021 by Saint Laurent, worn over a dazzling G-String, and Megan Fox’ MTV VMAs Look 2021, consisting of a corset dress and a bare thong.

But this year, the rare G-Strings and thongs have been replaced by more comfortable alternatives like Pumps, high-waisted granny panties and boxer-style shorts. In turn, the designers took the opportunity to unveil underwear that offers more coverage to those who have reservations about narrowed skirts and Baggy Jeans that fall so low that they threaten to reveal much more than seems appropriate for Sunday brunch.

Because the reality is that while we were getting out of Lockdowns, we were ready to take off the Lockdown diapers and strip everything-referring to the return of the evening dress and evening Tops – some were not so willing to give up the comfort of pajamas, loungewear and underwear for the rare dresses and visible straps. This happens at the same time as the boundaries between the gender become blurred in Fashion. Brands like Skims, Universal Standard and Fleur de Mal have recently launched boxers marketed for women, while brands like Parade offer underwear for everyone, regardless of gender.
As Low-Rise continues to gain popularity, the Stealth Boxer trend is a way to embrace its arrival without stripping everything off.


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