Secrets to Have Fun with Cloth and Stay Cool in Summer

Secrets to Have Fun with Cloth and Stay Cool in Summer post thumbnail image

I have to Instagram Explore-the Page you me some of my most valuable Internet Kaninchenlöcher and Discoveries, presented, including Louis Rubi, the co-Founder of the Barcelona-based Brand LR3. Louis Flux competes with Krispy Kreme Donuts in Terms of Research and offers an endless stream of Style Ideas, the Desire to make them, before Your wardrobe and in its Possibilities of sunshine. Looking through his recent articles, I noticed that he has a special talent for creating polite and interesting outfits, but always suitable for the summer weather. Since it’s my personal tendency to wear as few things as possible when it’s really hot outside, I asked her to introduce me to some of her secrets when it comes to having fun with clothes while staying cool. Below you will find three new outfits that Louis designed for the occasion, as well as his ideas behind them. – Harling

A “businessman who just took off his pants”.

Summer is a struggle for me because I love diapers. When an outfit is too simple or too simple, I don’t feel like myself. I had to come up with creative ways to wear diapers in hot weather with pieces that are not pressing, but allow air flow. This Blazer is ideal for this because it is oversized and has slits in the back. I love how the proportions look when it is styled with very short Shorts, so when the Blazer is closed, it almost looks like you are wearing a dress. The Shorts look like Boxers, which gives the outfit a funny “businessman who just took off his pants” vibe.

An Experiment with Proportions and a Straw hat, just because

I like the contrast between a super tight tank top and oversized pants with lots of fabric. I try to add volume to my outfits if I can get by in the summer, and wrinkles are a great way to do that. The open buttoned shirt is one of my signature summer layers, because it is so light and can be easily added or removed in matter of temperature changes. And then the hat – this is my secret weapon to spice up any outfit. I think people should wear hats all the time – I don’t know why they don’t!

A magical combination of Baggy jeans and sweater vest

I bought these pants in the south of France. I saw her hanging out at a flea market and immediately fell in love with her. My friend at the time said, “Are you kidding?”Because they were really bag on me. But that’s part of the fun of style. I like the look of trousers tied with a belt at the waist, almost like a paper bag – this effect of folds on top is a way to add an interesting element to an otherwise simple outfit. I am also a big supporter of sweater vests in the summer. They are refined and a great piece of diaper that keeps you cool.

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