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Not so long ago, makeup brands had only one or two primer colors for darker skin tones. As more brands expand their color ranges and retailers become more inclusive by making family brands more accessible to consumers, the beauty industry – especially makeup —is notoriously lagging behind in diversity. And this lack of inclusivity has often penetrated into the Kits of makeup artists, so black models feel uncomfortable backstage at Fashion Week. That’s why we asked professional makeup artist Alana Wright, whose clients are Nicole Richie and Yvonne Orji, how to create a complete makeup kit with products for all skin tones.

Your first tip starts with sunscreen: make sure that the formula does not leave white and dark highlights on brown skin, as this can ruin the makeup. Your Contact Person? Black girls – Sunscreen moisturizing sun lotion SPF 30.

When it comes to primer, a good rule of thumb is to buy a variety of covers “you never know what the job requires — it may really require a ‘real’ skin,” she notes. For ultimate coverage, she likes BLK/OPL True Color Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation SPF 15, while Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Ease Drop Blurring Skin Tint is what she uses to achieve a more natural finish.

It’s just as important to choose foundation products that cater to a variety of shades, she says. “There is a misconception that darker tones do not have these nuanced shades when they actually do.”When assembling your Kit, look for products that match red, gold, cool and neutral shades, suggests Wright.

A solid makeup set also includes “crucial” items like concealer, setting powder and blush, she says. For the latter, she is attracted to the cream because of the instant warmth it brings to the skin (“this is often the not found key ingredient,” she says). But she’s also a sucker for a good multitasking product and calls Juvias Place the Berries-technically an eyeshadow palette-as a simple cheek product. Whatever you do, don’t worry about buying everything at once. “Build your Kit gradually,” she says.

Watch the video above to learn more about how to create a makeup kit for all skin tones and why Inclusivity in the makeup industry has been an afterthought.

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