Ideas for Wearing Dynamic Style Duo Outfits

Ideas for Wearing Dynamic Style Duo Outfits post thumbnail image

Sunglasses have been my favorite accessory since college, when I stopped feeling confident in what I was wearing (tulle skirts for classes, whatever). Sunglasses are a key element — they are the only element of an outfit that is actually on your face! They also determine the personality of an outfit — you can weld the whole thing together. Think: a completely black outfit + a pair of oversized orange aviators VS thin cat sunglasses VS hikers vs an oversized pair + sunglasses chain and so on. Now that it’s getting a little colder, I’m thinking about combining sunglasses with my favorite accessory for cold weather — The scarf — which, by the way, offers a whole range of styles from woven to silk to knitted for the autumn cold or the eventual winter bite.

I came across five very specific sunglasses styles and five equally specific scarf styles that I’m loving right now. Look, because tomorrow the sun comes out!

The classic retro + small hook

Everyday but iconic sunglasses with a confident freshness. The Wayfarer’s dark lenses and chunky frame look great on so many faces and are easily combined with any outfit. Personally, I own Harris sunglasses from Warby Parker and I love them for their size, style, comfort and durability. They have a little weight, so I decided to combine them with a long light crochet scarf, perfect for the 65 degrees we were in New York. I then paired it with a chic collar top (you can also make a jacket or a full suit!) + a powerful lipstick.

The oversized rectangle with thin frame + roughly woven

I’ve been wearing chains (or croquettes) on my sunglasses for five years – and I’m very excited about the Gucci Spring 2020 show, where models were parading on the catwalk. I especially liked the oversized square frames + chains from the collection and decided to recreate this (after recently referring to the collection that contained cool Vintage items in our Friday Newsletter)… I’m clearly a Fan). They are small, so I combined them with this Chunky scarf I found on Etsy (which, by the way, is incredibly soft). It’s a bold and glamorous statement – enough to take your Leggings + Sweatshirt combination to the next level (and I recommend this Look).

The Monochrome Color Scarf + Match-y

Colored lenses have been around for quite some time. Beth recently wore an oversized pink Vintage couple in her Vintage Vest story. What I like about this pair is that the entire body of the sunglasses — glasses and frames – has a uniform color. I am attracted to red because it is bright, cheerful and noisy. I added another chain of sunglasses to really play into monochrome (and because I’m me). For the scarf pairing, I continued to adopt the color red with this Bandana scarf, perfect for cool days but not like bricks, and a cozy sweater that really quadruples the whole monochrome thing.

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