7 WFH Dressing Ideas—All Collar, No Pants

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Imagine a snake eating your lunch: you know how to see the shape of your food in its central snake-shaped part? It’s me. I don’t like finishing small mammals, but I fought with my pants after work lunch while I was working. This is just one of the reasons why I immediately moved to sweatpants, because working means working from home. This whole chest-up Zoom appeal thing is not the worst thing in the world when it comes to my personal presentation.

My colleagues have no idea-at least they didn’t before this piece – that I’m wearing sweatpants in the bottom half, with a blouse, a headband and a lip stain on top. I do not know that maybe, just maybe, I only wear underwear, layered sweaters and a pearl necklace around my neck. It’s a strange moment, and the confession above doesn’t make it any less strange, but I’m pretty good at dressing from the Waist down to my daily video calls.

Without changing my lower parts (or their absence), I can now change my “whole outfit” several times a day (read: the visible part for my colleagues). The sun gets hot in my new office (read: Studio) at 3 o’clock, so I swap my sweaters for a lace Cami and a light jacket or Blazer with a thick headband and fun earrings. Sometimes, for my biggest meetings, I even throw a red lip. What About The Scarves? Now they are both picking up and comfortable: no wind to blow the baby. No sharp clip needed to hold it in place. And the removable necklace trend? It’s pretty perfect now. Pair it with a cardigan! It won’t work if you run around the city between dates and dazzle in its oversized, upturned splendor.

These are my seven Favorite Size-Up concoctions. No pants needed-and frankly, I suggest you do not wear.

1. Large Necklace + Sweater + Hair Clips

I have had this removable collar for years, but I never wear it because it moves while walking, even if the slightest wind blows. Now it’s time to remove it, combine it with a sweater to Harling’s story and add one or two hair ornaments.

2. Thematic Print (Bandana) + Necklaces

Pro Man Repeller Hotline, it’s fun to start with a command prompt when you get dressed. Here I went down, wearing a Vintage Bandana sweater, bandana scarf, and some lip smudges. My underwear is also a Bandana print, believe me.

3. Nightgown + Collars + Braid

Who said you can’t wear your sleepwear to the office / on the couch? I’m in the nightgown I used to wear to bed, all enhanced with some of my favorite chains, plus lipstick. Wearing lipstick at home is much easier than wearing it at work, because there is no need to reapply it with Photobooth at your desk!

4. Oversized Shirt + Glasses

I’m not suggesting you ruin your sunglasses by skipping the lenses, but wearing frames during a video call hides the bags under your eyes and your lack of makeup. If you want to invest, blue light lenses really save your eyes after long days at The computer. The Shirt? He also carried to bed.

5. Cami + Jacket + Scarf + Eyeshadow

As mentioned before, my apartment warms up like a greenhouse at 3 p.m., and when my afternoon video calls start, I throw my “professional” jacket over the temperature-controlled Cami with a fun purple on my lids. A bit of Pizazz for our virtual Man Repeller Happy Hour team.

6. Vest + Beads + Bandana

Due to the smoking apartment, sleeveless pieces were indispensable. I like a vest-it’s a little more elegant than a simple old tank. I added Lady Pearls and a Bandana to cover the headboard that I assure you is hidden underneath.

7. Headband + Earrings + Turtleneck + Sweater

A thick headband with earrings is very Brigitte Bardot. With a small hair ornament, a thick headband, large earrings and layers, I am buttoned up and professional, minus the underwear I wear on the wrong day of the week. Who even knows what day it is, anyway.

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